foto friday – update

Thanks a million BRUCE and it’s obvious BRUNO agrees your time was well spent for INCOWRIMO!

The Sympathy Hammer

No I haven’t left the planet, run away from home nor vanished into the ether. The short answer is that it never rains but it pours.

February has kept my hours more than filled with a major commitment to this years incowrimo-2017. While normally I devote my time to writing letters, I decided to become much more involved at the organizational and support level which turned out to be both time consuming and extremely rewarding. It’s a fantastic project and the hiatus and focus on handwritten correspondence is always a welcome experience.

In addition I’v been locked in a struggle with Nvidia hardware since the recent build of a dedicated graphics computer for photography. Simply put, Nvidia is very explicit about not playing well with others and probably the less said the better. There has been a large loss of data involved and an even larger loss of time.

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Thank you Word Press Discover

Tropics are great for a vacation but even better when it’s where you live! I am pleased to re-blog this post from the creartfuldodger ,amazing talent. Maybe when you return you can send me your hand in friendship!


discover-badge-circle   One week ago tomorrow I had the honour to be featured on Word Press Discover. This has led to a sudden leap in new followers. I would like to thank you all for visiting, following and liking my work. I appreciate all the positiveness.

I am off to the tropics for a couple of weeks and will be off the grid.


Off to the tropics again: luggage tag

luggage tag threecollage luggage tag four

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