PATRICIA,resident blogger

DSCF7496  Today is LEAP DAY, which occurs every 4 years . In turn, it made me ponder about time. Today, tomorrow and yesterday. Last month, last year and two years ago and 2013 , when  I  wrote QUEEN ELIZABETH II a very detailed and friendly  letter, a very polite request for hand in friendship ( gloved or ungloved).Let’s just say, she is the one that got away.A  response did arrive from a lady in waiting, explaining that only Her Majesty  responds in her own hand  to those people she’s met personally. So , I take this leap day to ask the universe to put a good word in to the Royal family, before it’s too late,  so that one day  I  might be able to post Queen Elizabeth II’s hand here for all the world to see. After all , when in public her hand is waving and shaking hands all the time! What better place to rest her hand.


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