National Thank a Mailman Day

Feb 4 is the day to thank our carriers!

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 National Thank a Mailman Day.When is the last time that you said thank you to your mailman? Most of us don’t think about what the mailman has to offer us every day. Starting from the days when the mailmen were pony express men who delivered the mail across many miles using just a horse to deliver it, our mailmen and women have given us a lot of service. If you think about your mail. . . well you don’t really think about it, do you. It just appears at your door and it’s something that most of us take for granted daily. We know we can expect it and we know that we can depend on it. Getting the mail means those interesting and fun packages, letters from home and even photos and other great things that grace your door. Today is national thank a mailman day. Don’t forget to say thank you to…

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