001  sends a “RUBB1E”  hand.TRANSLATION:some people say that our success as a species is due to our brains,language or our opposable thumbs.I believe it is our fingernails,as a weapon the human hand is terrible.Late night KUNG-FOO movies to the contrary.Most predators and omnivores have claws and sharp,tearing teeth.We have a vestige of claws,useful for opening pop-tops and similar activities.The need to survive without claws developed into language and art;without natural weaponry.Somewhere along the line of our progress,things went all wrong and our fingernails of peace and co-operation,was seen as weakness. We’ve been making up for it with spears,swords,guns and ordinance  ever since.That’s the wrong way ’round.We must find a way back to the place of an open hand;with blunted fingernails  and refusal to have the fear and inadequacy complex that drew us down this darkened path.Our fingers say we are creatures of peace;our nails are not weapons,but tools,for fine work;the doctor that threads the needle to save lives;the craftsman creating the tools to ameliorate misery and improve lives;the farmer,sowing the seeds of our future.One day it is my hope that we never again use our nails to tighten thumbscrews,pull triggers,or release a sword from it’s sheath.Sadly,hoping and dreaming do not make a thing true.But at least it’s a place to start…….


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